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Mind the Gap

Apple released the original iPod in 2001. The first time I used it, the iPod seemed pretty simple. I could load and play my music. But when I was done, I could not figure out how to turn the iPod off. There was no Off button. Weren’t Apple products supposed to be so simple that […]

Start With The Right Question

Let’s say that you are evaluating your company’s scheduling tool. You want to know what makes an ideal experience when scheduling a meeting.   To do this, you meet with customers and ask a typical CX question, What makes a great experience when scheduling a meeting? The problem is that you can wind up with silence. […]

Pokémon Go Can “Lure” Customers to Your Business

On July 14, 2016, Sprint released a press release titled: “Attention Monster Hunters: Sprint and Boost Mobile Stores Become ‘Must Stop’ Location for Pokémon Go Players.”  They advertised that gamers could visit a retail store for lures, free charging stations, and help from gaming experts. The Pokémon Go game is free. In the United States, […]

Video Games Raise the CX Bar for All

Balboa Park is San Diego’s Central Park. It’s Prado area, filled with museums, restaurants, and landmarks, is deserted once the sun goes down. That was until July 6, 2016. Now when you arrive at the Prado at night, you may not get a close parking spot. The Prado is filled with hundreds of people playing […]

Measuring Sustainability & Success

In April, the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) is unveiling their Sustainability Fleet Standard Program at the NAFA 2015 Institute & Expo. Phil Russo, NAFA’s CEO, discussed this program in an exclusive interview with Fleet Management Weekly.  In this interview, Russo stressed, “NAFA has a tremendous opportunity to…positively impact the future of this plant […]